2016-2017 Professors of the Year

Every year The Underground receives nominations from students who give compelling reasons ...

“Slutty” Costumes: Empowering or Sexist?

Halloween is considered by many to be a liberating holiday that allows ...

Why Halloween is the Best/Worst

As the summer months fade into colder days, with school starting once ...

Arts & Life

Injustice on Campus

UTSC is credited for being a diverse campus; however, recent acts on campus would suggest otherwise.

Allyship 101

What does it mean to be an ally, and what the are do’s and don'ts?

TEDxUTSC: Ellipses

Five years going strong! Discover two of TEDxUTSC’s speakers in the upcoming conference.

Don’t Talk To Strangers: Tinder Horror Stories

Online dating can be fun and exciting, but here are some accounts of folks that didn’t have such a pleasurable experience.


The Black Experiences

There is no singular Black experience. Often, the ...

Troubling The Cannons

In North America, names like Martin Luther King, ...

Silence and Stigma: Mental Illness in the Black Community

The Black mind can be silenced no more.

The Black and Queer Blues

This article is for all the communities*. I love you! You deserve love! You are worthy of love. Your existence is resistance.


So You Wanna Date the Prof

You weren't in the lesson plan...

Debunking Taxes at UTSC

The SCSU Tax Clinic is available to all students at UTSC, but how many students know about it?

Q&A: Fusion Radio Referendum

Fusion Radio referendum has been approved, so what’s next?

Recap: SCSU’s Annual General Meeting and Board of Director’s Meetin

The Underground’s recap on the recent Board of Director’s meeting as well as the SCSU’s Annual General Meeting.

Science & Tech

The Holiday Blues

For those whose holidays are hindered by negative emotions: we got you.

Console Conundrum

Xbox? Playstation? Whichever you prefer, there is something for you this season!

Looking Inside Black Mirror

The Underground’s take on the hit Netflix series Black Mirror.


Summer has packed its bags, and taken our Vitamin D levels with it.

Sports & Wellness

What a Year: Unforgettable Sports Moments of 2016

2016: an unforgettable year in the world of sports.

Females and Sports: The Ongoing Battle Against Barriers

The fight to promote female participation in sports at UTSC.

UEFA Champions League 2015/2016 Preview: Who Will be Crowned Champions?

With the new season already started, here’s a preview of the title contenders for the 25th edition of the UEFA Champions League.

Living The Double Life: UTSC Student Athletes On The Varsity Blues

Being a student at U of T is difficult. Being a student athlete at U of T, is another thing entirely.