Last thing I remember
We were under the stars,
Now when I wake
I wonder where you are.
I was a mountain,
I used to be king
But I don’t feel like it
Or really, anything.
Except maybe drifting,
Slowly slipping astray.
A sense of something missing
That won’t go away.
I hear your name like faint whispers,
Like yesterday’s news.
Time has worn down my soul
But my feet won’t refuse.
When I awoke
Everything changed with the leaves.
I was helpless to stop the falling
So I lay there in defeat.
I’m sure the universe is infinite,
Full of possibilities and options
But ever since I lost you
I’ve felt trapped and boxed in.
I’ve chased after you
Like a dog does his tail
And all I’ve learned is that
Love doesn’t always prevail.
I’ve screamed questions at the sky
Desperate for an answer.
Love isn’t always the cure,
Sometimes it’s the cancer.