A question from: Desperately Cold and Frustrated


How do you stay warm in a Halloween costume without ruining your outfit? Is there a way to balance it out?


Dear Desperately Cold and Frustrated,


The Halloween struggle is real… Having to protect ourselves from the cold Canadian weather keeps us from shining on the Night of the Dead. Sad, but oh well. There’s nothing you can do about nature, except perhaps try to make offerings like they did in the good ole’ days, but I doubt that will work. Still, I think that there are a couple of things you can do to keep yourself warm this Halloween.


1)   Choose a warm costume

If you decide to go out, I suggest making your life easier by picking out a costume that guarantees you warmth and happiness. The Internet recommends a lot of options; among these, you can find characters like Chewbacca from Star Wars, a Mummy, Cheshire Cat onesie, Sherlock Holmes, and so on. My personal favourite is the classic Pedestrian–you dress up in whatever you want, put a few bloody smudges on your face, ripped off skin on your arms, throw a coat on top, and you’re ready to go!


2)  Decide what you’ll be doing

How warm you need to dress will depend on what you’re planning on doing; if you’re planning on being at an indoors event, then a simple winter coat over your costume will be enough. If you decide to go from place to place for any reason at all, then check out these options:

–      Add extra layers of clothes underneath your costume, such as thick leggings (which may mean that you’ll need to buy a costume a size larger than usual to fit all the layers underneath);

–   WikiHow suggests thinking of what your character would wear in cold weather (example: fairies would wear long sleeves, Superheroes would wear a cloak, etc.). You could also wear a wig to keep your head warm;

–  If you don’t mind carrying extra things, bring along a bag with a thermos containing a warm drink, hand warmers, extra hat, gloves, and a sweater;

–     Flesh toned bodysuit.


Remember to keep your feet, hands, ears, and head warm. Most importantly, have fun and stay excited, as you’ll definitely feel the heat of the night!


3)  Go someplace warm

Having a night out on Halloween in university means that you’ll go out and party – if you’re of age, of course. If you’re planning on drinking, you’ll be warm anyways, so don’t worry about the cold. For some fun ideas on where to go, refer to the other question/answer pairing. 😉 If you are not legally allowed to drink alcohol yet, then stay indoors with friends and wear whatever costume you’d like!

4)  Stay in – perfect for the introverts

Who needs to go out into the cold when you can have an equally fun night with Netflix and (insert your favourite food here)? Better yet, if you can cuddle up with your pet or your other half (bonus points if you can score both!), then you two can keep each other warm. Having a chill Halloween night is awesome, and by ‘chill’, I don’t mean the chilling air outside. To raise some hairs on your indoor comfy party, here are some movies you can watch:

  1. It (2017). This is a remake of the classic novel by Stephen King – the King of horror and dismay. For a detailed description and review, see the previous pages.
  2. If you want a relaxed Halloween night, go with anything by Tim Burton, or chose from This is the End (2013), classics like Scary Movie 1-5 (2000-2013), Final Destination 1-5 (2000-2011), and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010).
  3. You can try a TV series, like American Horror Story (since 2011), or Stranger Things (since 2016). My personal favourite is Supernatural – it’s like Halloween all year round!

5)  If none of these options are satisfying, I suggest you convert yourself into a cold-blooded alien and forget about the cold forever!


Whatever you choose to do, I’m sure your Halloween will be full of fun. P.S. – Don’t  indulge in too much black magic!


Yours truly,

Erza Applebaum