Sharine Taylor


Sharine is in her final year pursuing a major in media studies and a double minor in sociology and political science. She’s excited to lead the Underground team this year, grow as a writer and is hoping the student body will be ready for some brand new events. She enjoys writing, reading, listening to music, being an active member of the #BeyHive, and binge-watching her favourite shows on Netflix.

Office Hours: By appointment only.
Email: [email protected]

Zarin Tasnim

Arts & Life Editor

Zarin is third year student completing a double major in social anthropology and human biology. If there were one word she would use to describe herself, it would be “introspective”. She believes that experiences shape the person that we become, so regular self-reflection, whether it’s on a bus ride or through writing in her journal, is a must. When she isn’t caught marathoning Law and Order: SVU or frantically taking notes for her classes, she can be seen reading books or covered in acrylic paint from an impromptu art session. She’s looking forward to gaining knowledge as an editor and spending quality time with the awesome team at The Underground.

Office Hours: By appointment only.
Email: [email protected]

Leel Coombs-King

Sports & Wellness Intern

What Leal is looking forward to the most at The Underground is having the ability to create, the ability to leave his artistic stamp on this newspaper (hopefully the world) and learn and gain knowledge from the talented writers around him. Some of Leal’s interests are Sports, reading books nobody likes and watching movies nobody has heard of. An interesting fact about Leal is he loves to write poetry.

Ashleen Grange

Copy Editor

Ashleen is a fourth (and a half) year student majoring in journalism and media studies. She enjoys finding new music, eating, and watching Netflix. She loves hip-hop, especially records from the early 00’s. She’s most exited to represent the diverse UTSC student community as well as being part of a talented group of creative people.

Email: [email protected]

Noor Aqil

Photo Editor

Noor is a third year studio specialist who priorities her eyebrows over all things. An extremely creative individual who has a thing for photography, she is also a fashion enthusiast with an obsession with monochromatic colour palettes. She creates magic over night but only because she’s mastered the art of procrastination.

Email: [email protected]

Idil Djafar

Associate Photo Editor

Idil is a fourth year student completing a specialist in Arts Management as well as a minor in Studio. Her interests include sleeping, eating and everything catlike. She aspires to visit Iceland or Tokyo in the upcoming year. She is eager to work with everyone on the team and to create wonderful photographs to side with incredible articles.

Email: [email protected]

Sadiah Rahman

Online Photo Editor

Sadiah is a fourth year journalism specialist. She’s super into film, music and photography, and it’s this same passion that brought her to The Underground. She’s excited to work alongside a team of creative and passionate individuals, and to produce captivating stories and visuals. When not working with The Underground or chasing stories, she likes to watch movies and go on photo walks.

Email: [email protected]

Christine Lum

Online Graphics Editor

Christine is a fourth year new media specialist. She is super excited to be back at UTSC after being at Centennial College for a year. In her spare time, she likes illustrating and doing concept art. She usually likes turning these concepts into stories, and sometimes even video games. She is excited to work with The Underground this year, as she’ll be doing something she loves.

Email: [email protected]

Lina Shim

Operations Officer

Lina is a second year English co-op major. She stays physically active by playing ultimate frisbee. Any scratches on her legs are from lying out across the field to catch the disc. At home, it’s all about grinding in video games, and brainstorming the webtoon she is currently writing. She looks forward to developing her creative mind, and increasing her leadership skills while working at The Underground.

Email: [email protected]

Tina Chen

Finance Officer

Tina is a second year management student. She is excited to be part of many activities and groups, along with meeting new people in the new year. Some of her hobbies and interests include reading, and self-learning new program and language skills. Tina has an extensional love with all things related to stationary, which her peers, at times, might find weird. She is looking forward to a progressive and successful year with The Underground.

Email: [email protected]

Matthew ‘Micco’ Diaz

Distribution Manager

Email: [email protected]

Matthew “Micco” Diaz is a fourth year student studying Management with a specialization in Accounting. An avid lover of gaming, if he’s not running around like a crazed, over-caffeinated squirrel around campus distributing magazines, he’s probably got his head buried in his computer and playing League of Legends or some other strategy or RPG game. When he isn’t swamped by school or working, Micco also spends his down time cooking up gourmet vegetarian meals (yes, he’s a food snob), reading novels or even doing his own creative writing, often with a latte in hand.