My inspiration behind this playlist was a party I went to in may. some friends of mine have birthdays all around the same area, and for their celebrations me and a couple of guys decided to bring some speakers and just make a playlist of some certified bangers, and some feel good music. This made me realize so many throwback songs we listen to are pretty much the embodiment of feel good music, not just because the songs are usually happy or catchy or upbeat, but because hearing a song like What’s Luv takes you back to a time like 6-7 years ago, when you were just a kid with ugly hair and zero fashion sense who didn’t really care about anything.
Nostalgia is a feeling that (whether or not we’re ready to admit it) we all feel on the daily
so with nostalgia in mind, I sought out to create a playlist of straight up certified classics in the RnB and hip hop department

not sure how long it’ll be but yeah here we go
in no particular order, except in my professional opinion every single playlist should begin with