On Friday, October 14th, all University of Toronto students received an email from Kelly Hannah-Moffat, the Vice-President of Human Resources and Equity, and Cheryl Regher, the University’s Vice President and Provost, regarding threats made via social media against some individual members of U of T’s transgendered community. The Vice President and Provost and Vice President of Human Resources and Equity advised students, staff and faculty of threats and condemned the actions. U of T Campus Police, Toronto Police and U of T Community Safety Office are working closely to support individuals who received this threat.

The threats come after the controversy psychology professor Jordan Peterson incited via YouTube videos when he publicly stated that he would not use gender neutral pronouns when referring to non-binary students. Peterson held a free speech rally on Tuesday, October 11th outside of the Sidney Smith Hall where tensions were heated between the organizers, their supporters and members of the Black Liberation Collective and members from the university’s transgendered and non-bianary community. The situation is being actively monitored.